Orte der Erinnerung 1933-1945

Orte der Erinnerung 1933 - 1945

Gedenkstätten, Dokumentationszentren und Museen
zur Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Diktatur
in Berlin und Brandenburg

Memorial in Marzahn to the Sinti and Roma Murdered under National Socialism

At the Marzahn park cemetery, on the street Wiesenburger Weg, there is a memorial stone, a marble slab and a memorial plaque dedicated to the memory of the Sinti Camp (originally called the "Zigeuner-Lager" or "Gypsy Camp") that the National Socialists had built a few hundred metres away. The commemoration site is located in the back of the cemetery, to the right of the central path. This memorial stone, erected by the district council, is a relatively small, roughly hewn boulder and was created by Jürgen Raue in 1986. The initiative was led by the writer Reimar Gilsenbach and the parish priest, as well as by the Marzahn-Nord church community. The following inscription is engraved upon it:

Not far from this site, hundreds of members of the Sinti people suffered in a camp from May 1936 on until our people were liberated by the glorious Soviet Army/Honour to the victims.

There is a small, white, marble slab next to it with the inscription:

For the Sinti of Berlin, who suffered
in the Marzahn Gypsy Camp and died in Auschwitz
May 1936-May 1945
Atschen Devleha.  

The last two words are in Romanes and can be translated as "Stay with God". This slab was built in 1990 based on the initiative of the Cinti Union together with Reimar Gilsenbach.

Another plaque was added a year later with historical information; it was designed by Götz Dorl:

Before the Olympics began in 1936, the Nazis
set up a "Gypsy resting area" on a former sewage
field north of this cemetery. Hundreds of Sinti
and Roma were forced to live there.
Penned up in dark barracks, the camp’s inhabitants
led a dire existence. Hard labour, illness and hunger
took their toll.
People were randomly deported and arrested.
Humiliating "eugenic examinations" spread fear
and horror. In the spring of 1943, most of the "detainees"
were deported to Auschwitz.
Men and women, old people and children.
Few of them survived.

Address and Hours of Operation

Wiesenburger Weg (Marzahn Cemetery: “Parkfriedhof Marzahn”)

The memorial site is accessible to everyone at all times.