Orte der Erinnerung 1933 - 1945

Gedenkstätten, Dokumentationszentren und Museen
zur Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Diktatur
in Berlin und Brandenburg

Memorial to the Sinti and Roma murdered under National Socialism

Memorial to the Sinti and Roma murdered under National Socialism

For a long time, the genocide (the "Porajmos") perpetrated against the Sinti and Roma, who were persecuted as "Zigeuner" or "Gypsies", received barely any public attention. In 1992, the German government resolved to erect a national memorial. The building of the memorial was delayed due to the differing opinions of the victims’ associations regarding the inscription. The Israeli artist Dani Karavan’s memorial is now finally under construction, although it is not yet known exactly when it will be opened. It is made up of a well with a sinkable column, upon which a fresh flower is to be placed every day. Instead of an inscription, there is a citation from the poem "Auschwitz" by the Italian Santino Spinelli, who is himself a member of the Roma:

"Sunken in face / extinguished eyes / cold lips / silence / a torn heart / without breath / without words / no tears." In addition, several boards provide information on the exclusion and mass murder of this minority throughout Europe during the national socialist reign of terror.

Address and Hours of Operation

The memorial is located in Tiergarten, south of Scheidemannstraße, across from the Reichstag building. It will be open to the public after its completion.